FRANCARE Industries

Our Philosophy, Our culture

People often ask me the reason for our success, how we have done it.

In order to achieve such a fantastic growth in 25 years we have developed the FRANCARE Attitude.

Hard work pushed ourselves to be smarter, more creative and enthusiast in everything we do.

Our ambition is to build a team of people motivated to apply our work philosophy, a team who believe in a beautiful world and will use all the opportunities to build it.

FRANCARE culture is to respect and support determination. All employees and collaborators are encouraged and trusted in their job because of their skills and experience.

You are trusted whether you are a manager responsible for the outcomes of your project, an engineer defining a replacement part for their client whether you are working in sales, logistics, finance, quality control, you are respected to use your expertise to achieve the best and fastest results.

We are looking for unique performances staying in tune with technological innovation all over the world and delivering them to our customers no matter where they are.

For the coming 25 years, Francare cherished values, hard work, enthusiasm and determination must define how each and every one of us work and achieve our goals. FRANCARE Attitude cannot be left to a few. It’s something we must share in order to make the world a better place.


July 2013